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Ethereum as a New Cryptocurrency



Ethereum is a public, open source computing platform that provides smart contracts facilitating computers within that network without a central administrator. The bigger picture is to create a secure and self sustaining computer system. The blockchain concept as implemented by Bitcoin is modified in Ethereum trading. Ethereum trading has successfully implemented data computing alongside its distributed storage. In simple words, computer programs associated with it are called smart contracts which are run on machines with the common platform called Ethereum Virtual Machine.


How does the network work?

  • The ethereum client software will connect over other people’s software in the same network and download and validate the Ethereum blockchain. Thus, your computer is a node in the network.
  • You can now run smart contracts and create transactions within this network.


Ethereum as a cryptocurrency

It has its own token known as Ether or ERH. The crysptocurrency works as other crysptocurrencies and can be put into trade and transactions. The current market value of one ETH token is $13. The track of all the transactions are monitored and controlled by ETH blockchains.



  • Block time in Ethereum trading is 14 seconds compared to the 10 minutes hiatus in Bitcoins. So the database is refreshed every 14 seconds thus making it a much faster system.
  • The block size in Ethereum trading is another advantage. The concept of blocks is based on the complexity of the contracts being transacted. So, more transactions can be transferred in a single block.
  • The language is familiar to developers.
  • As opposed to Bitcoins generation which is halved every four years, ETH continuous to get generated exponentially at a constant rate every year.
  • There are a lot of reward points in Ethereum trading which makes it a popular bid among users.


Eretheum trading is based on a public open source version and its copies or forks can be adapted and modified in a private network. So the development is not restricted on a single group of developers. It is open for everyone to take an attempt at to make it more user friendly, effective and technically feasible. The technology is comparatively still immature, but with more and more people showing interest in it, more rectifications are taking place as a result of mass testing, development is fast with amazing improvements.

The blockchain space is getting more and more popular with the onset of Eretheum trading and it is sure to establish itself as one of the major cryptocurrencies in the world.

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