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CA Trade Pro
CA Trade Pro is a multi asset class investment platform.

For a decade, Catradepro has been recognised in the global Fintech revolution. It is the world’s leading multi asset investment network, with millions of registered investors and an array of revolutionised trading and investment tools.

Catradepro is born

Catradepro entered the international trading market  gathering an array of very satisfied clients promoting outstanding reviews which soon spread to multiple traders from all over the globe. Soon enough the steady growth of the company led to over 50,000 international Catradepro clients which then abled the business to stretch out to other forex opportunities such as ETF and commodity options.

Best mini Forex-broker

Catradepro won the prize of “Best mini Forex-broker” through the confidence of our satisfied clientele and our key expertise Catradepro managed to increase its total clients by over 50%. With this award to hand we kept improving our services and developed our 1analytical resource.

Best mini Forex-broker

Catradepro took part in many exhibitions around the world which put the brand on a global scale receiving international recognition with a reach of clients of well over 100,000 which is why Catradepro was happy once again to receive the award of “Best mini Forex-broker” increasing the warm feedback from very happy brokers from all continents.

Fastest growing broker Asia” “Best Forex broker Asia

Catradepro was recognized by three prestigious awards “Fastest growing broker Asia”, “Best Forex broker Asia” and “Best developing multi asset platform”. This year was a benchmark for Catradepro and an honor to uphold the undivided trust and alliance with all of our dedicated partners. This intern abled the business to branch out and open multiple offices around the world and the announcement of our very unique opportunity to insure funds.

Best trading platform

We developed opportunities for our clients to interact within major events around the world of which enabled Catradepro to proudly win another 4 awards to add to our prized mantel piece. “Best broker in Asia”, “Best Broker in South-East Asia”, “Best Partnership program” and “Best trading platform”. These awards really encompass the true growth of the company amounting to around 400,000 loyal international traders.

Best Broker in Asia

Catradepro continued its rapid growth approaching the anniversary of 5 years built solely by loyal profitable clients and in great honor of the milestone, we held a giant raffle and rewarded our international participants. We then were graced with the award for “Best Broker in Asia” for the fourth consecutive year. Catradepro now has an outstanding half a million customers.

11 international awards in one year

Catradepro graciously receives a whopping 11 international wards. The new offices that were opened in once untapped regions have now shown their value and have increased our clientele be exceeding 1 million traders’ worldwide. With such a tremendous amount of respect, our brand then launched a charity campaign aiding over 400,000 people.

6 international awards added to the belt

Catradepro now has 6 more recognized international awards as well as producing a strengthened growth of over 2.5 million active traders and over 200 million open orders. A daily increase of around 7000 additional traders and 4 regional offices opening every year. Catradepro prides itself in making sure very customers’ needs are met and every trader receives the highest level of customer support in every country. We will continue to develop our technology and persevere to assure that our brand will always represent excellency in new trading advancements and user experience.

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