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Chad Hoffman

Chad Hoffman is the CEO of Catradepro, the world’s leading social trading platform. Chad has shown interest in finance and computer science since youth, and so, decided to merge his passions. Chad is a member of the YPO and was included by Financial News in its prestigious Fintech 40 ranking and by City A.M. as a Fintech 100 top influencer. He holds a B.Sc. in Computer Science and Management and an MSC in Computer Science.

Rupert Kirby

For more than 20 years, Rupert has been merging technology and design to create products that perform across multiple platforms. Prior to co-founding Catradepro, Rupert designed medical devices, household appliances, and desktop and web applications. Rupert oversees products and engineering at Catradepro. He holds a BA in Industrial Design from Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, and an MA in Product Design from the Royal College of Art in London.

Tiegan Montoya

Tiegan brings 25 years of executive management experience. His previous positions include: CEO of DSNR Media Group, one of the leading performance based media agencies in Europe, and CFO of Golden Pages, where he implemented the migration from print to digital and led the company’s sale to Babcock & Brown. Tiegan holds an MBA and a BSc in Electrical Engineering.

Frederic Combs

Frederic has been with Catradepro since its inception in 2007. He serves as Managing Director of Catradepro EU LTD, and an Executive Director of Catradepro UK LTD. Frederic is in charge of legal affairs, compliance, back office, operation risk management and payment operations. He holds an MBA and LL.B degrees from leading universities.

Roberto Conner

Roberto has been with Catradepro since its inception in 2007. He currently serves as VP Trading, managing trading operations, pricing, liquidity, and dealing teams at Catradepro. Roberto holds a BA and LLB (Bachelor of Law & Business Management) and an MBA in Financial Engineering.

Mike Good

Mike joined Catradepro in 2009 and is currently leading the Product Department (Product Management & Design Studio teams), managing the end to end lifecycle, from product roadmap to execution. Before joining Catradepro, Mike was a successful entrepreneur. He served as the Founder & CEO of a start-up company which raised funds from two VCs and launched its product. Mike holds a BA in Business Administration.

Kirk Craft

Kirk joined Catradepro in 2014 and is leading the Engineering Department including R&D, Technical Operations and Security. He has more than 20 years of experience in entrepreneurship, innovation, building award winning products and growing revenues.Most recently, he was the CEO of Dell Software Kirk
operations. Kirk holds a BA in Computer Science & Economics.

Elaina Marsden

Elaina joined Catradepro in 2009. She leads the Human Resources Department in all aspects including talent acquisition, training and development, performance management, compensation programs, succession planning, employee relations and welfare. Prior to joining Catradepro, she worked in HR for several leading companies including: Fraud Sciences (acquired by PayPal), Wiseband Communication, Optibase LTD, and Mercury Interactive (acquired by HP). Elaina holds a BA & LLB, Bachelor of Law.

Farrah Pitts

Farrah joined Catradepro in 2011. Prior to that, she served as a Partner in the Corporate and Securities Group in Meitar, Liquornik, Leshem, and Geva Tal. She represented corporations and individuals in a wide range of international and domestic corporate and commercial transactions, including mergers and acquisitions, venture capital investments and more.

Andrew Allen

Andrew Joined Catradepro in 2011. He heads the marketing department, which includes the SEM, Social, Media, Community, Retention, Partners and Growth teams. Andrew has been in the Business Intelligence and marketing field for many years in various business verticals. Andrew holds an MBA and MSc in Stochastic Operational Research.

David Appleby

David joined Catradepro in 2016 and is responsible for the customer-facing personnel, including teams in Germany, the UK, Russia, China, and Cyprus (~150 employees). Prior to that, David was the CEO of a call centre business of a leading telecom company, where he oversaw more than 1,500 people. David holds a BSc in Economics and Management.

Mark Cadman

Mark is a cofounder and General Partner at Spark Capital. He led Spark Capital’s investments in Adap.TV (AOL), Admeld (Google), CT-100/CNET (CBS), IPWireless (General Dynamics), KickApps (KIT Digital), Lexity (Yahoo), Oculus (Facebook) and OneRiot (Walmart). Mark holds an MBA in Finance from The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, and an MSc in Electrical Engineering from the New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT).

James Crombie

James Stepak is one of the major shareholders and ex-CEO of Meitav Dash. James serves as Vice-Chairman of the company and is in charge of corporate strategy and business development, and holds an MBA from a leading university. In addition, James is an active social entrepreneur advocating for people with disabilities.

Charles Ennis

Founder & Managing Partner, Genesis Partners. For nearly two decades, Charles has focused on private-equity investments in the high-tech sector, and has played a key role in several high-profile success stories. Charles began his career with IBM, where he served as a Large Systems Expert and Account Executive and as a Large Accounts Strategic Planner for IBM UK. Charles holds an MSc in Information Systems and a BA in Statistics.

Philip Goodier

Philip manages Catradepro business activities in the UK. Prior to Catradepro, he held senior positions as a CMO and CTO, in addition to founding several companies. He co-founded India’s largest web-hosting business, launched a telecoms startups and then progressed to cloud computing. Following this, he joined a fledgeling startup called Nutmeg as CMO and helped shape it into the UK’s largest robo-advisor.

Roger Messenger

Roger joined Catradepro in 2014 and is responsible for finance and operations in the UK. Previous positions include SVP E*TRADE International, and COO Swissquote UK, as well as senior positions in UBS, NatWest Markets, and Daiwa Securities. Roger is a qualified Chartered Accountant (KPMG), holds a BSc in Economics & Accounting from Bristol University, and also has experience of living and working in Hong Kong and Paris.

Derek Wheeler

Derek has been in the trading field for 10 years. He previously worked at FXCM as the General Manager in China, opening the firm’s first office there. Derek has many years of experience in the finance industry in China, across different areas including trading, education, and institutional solutions. He holds a BBA in Finance from City University of Hong Kong.

Peter Gordon

Peter brings his vast expertise in innovation strategy, business development, and product marketing to head up Catradepro strategy and operations in North America. Previously, Peter served as Director of Innovation Strategy at Samsung SDS America, after leading Samsung Electronics America’s retail innovation program. Peter founded two startups that developed and marketed novel solutions for Fortune 500 brands. Peter holds an LL.B and a BA in Business.

Neil Lacey

Before Neil joined Catradepro in June, 2017, he worked for 13 years in retail currency trading and CFD markets. Neil also worked for Australia’s leading online stock broker, Commonwealth Securities, where he ran the Exchange Traded Options desk as well as the International Trading Desk. He has also worked for leading companies in the financial market, such as TD Waterhouse, Astley and Pearce, and Exco International. Neil holds a Bachelor of Business from Curtin University in Australia.

Dean Raybould

Dean brings decades of experience across multidisciplinary IT projects and operations to head Catradepro Ltd – the entity responsible for executing Catradepro blockchain and cryptoasset vision. In the past, Dean led Supertech STL Ltd., one of the largest ICT integrators in West Africa and headed Glasshouse – a leading provider of IT services in the Middle East, Eastern Europe and Africa. Most recently, he served as the COO of a Fintech startup. He holds a B.A. in Economics (with Honors).

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